Waffles with Ricotta and Pomegranate

This is a breakfast I served before Christmas, but I was too busy to post it at the time.  I came across the draft today, and figured – better late than never!

I made some Yeast-Raised Belgian Waffles a while ago and put the leftovers in the freezer.  I also made some homemade ricotta, and had some pomegranate on hand.  So with a drizzle of maple syrup I had a gourmet breakfast!  Mango slices would be divine in place of or in addition to the pomegranate, as would a raspberry sauce… hmmm, maybe I need to make some waffles again soon!

What you do:

You just need to make the waffles and ricotta ahead of time, or if you’re an early riser, the day of.  The waffle batter needs to rise for about an hour, and the ricotta has to cook and then drain for 20-30 minutes.  Then top it with the fruit and maple syrup.  Enjoy with your favourite coffee or tea!

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