How to Regrow Scallions Indoors

regrowing scallions - trust in kimscallions regrown - trust in kim

In the middle of winter it’s nice to be able to grow something. These photos show some scallions I bought and cut to cook with and then let them grow back.  The brown part at the very base of the scallions in the bottom photo shows where I cut them; all of the green in new growth.  This is about 10 days  growth, but I’m going to let them grow a little more before I cut them again.

All you do is:

1. Put the cut scallions in a bowl, glass or vase with some water.

2. Rinse the bulbs and roots daily and add fresh water.

Wait for them to grow so you have more fresh scallions to cook with.

Sometimes I add a little sugar to the water.  I’m not sure if this speeds up or helps the growing process in any way, but it doesn’t hurt.  I’ll have to do a side by side test sometime to see if it makes a difference.  Let me know what works for you!

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