Easy Tortilla Pizza

Here’s a quick and easy meal for you.  You can use whatever toppings you like; I’ve listed some of my favourites.  Just pick a couple that you think will work together, or add your own.

What you need:

whole grain tortilla shell (I keep them in the freezer)

tomato paste

sliced mushrooms

asparagus, sliced lengthwise

cherry tomatoes, cut in half and deseeded


red peppers

sun-dried tomatoes, diced

hot italian sausage

herbs/spices – fresh basil or some anise seeds

a bit of grated cheese (optional)

What you do:

1.  Spread some tomato paste over the tortilla.

2.  Put some toppings on.

3.  Pop it in the oven at 400F for 15-20 minutes, then broil for the last minute or two – but watch it carefully so it doesn’t burn.

4.  Enjoy!