French Hot Dog Video!

kim in france -trust in kim

Last summer I was fortunate enough to visit France for a third time. If I had been on my own I might not have tried French hot dog, but because I was traveling with my sweetheart, Corey, I was tempted to take a bite of his hot dog.  He had ordered one, and I thought it would be just like the ones at home that I don’t enjoy, but this one looked so good. It was made on a baguette, with a European wiener, with mustard and grilled cheese.  The toasted baguette was crusty, the wiener was of a much higher quality that Ameri/Canadian wiener, and the gooey grilled cheese made it magnifique!

My friend Justin Cathcart recently filmed me making French hot dogs (pronounced ‘ot dogs), and worked his magic with his amazing production values and inspirational direction! Check out what he’s done!



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