Jimtini – cranberry lychee martini


For a Thanksgiving beverage I was treated to this tasty creation of my friends Jim’s.

What you need for 2 martinis:

juice of 1 lime

2 capfulls Soho Lychee liqueur

3 oz vodka (he used Grey Goose)

cranberry juice


What you do:

Put all the ingredient in a martini shaker and top up with the cranberry juice. Shake and pour!

Lychee Mojito

This summer I went to Nana Restaurant and Bar in Brooklyn, New York and had the most amazing lychee mojito.  Along with some fabulous appetizers like homemade ravioli and seared tuna… yum!  This is my attempt to recreate the mojito, and it’s pretty good!  A nice drink to sip and escape the heat on the patio.

What you need:


canned lychees

white rum

fresh mint

club soda

What you do:

For each drink, squeeze half a lime and put it in a short glass with about 3 tablespoons of the lychee syrup.  Add a shot of white rum.  Take a spring of mint and squish it up a bit, then put it in the glass.  Add some ice, then top it up with club soda.  Give it a little stir and enjoy!