Portobello-Poached Egg

trust in kim - portobello-poached egg on salad

I had a spare portobello mushroom from a dinner I made last night, and I wanted to find  way to eat it on salad, so I made this up.  It is not a poached egg on top of a mushroom, but instead I cooked the egg right inside the mushroom cap.  I made it soft-cooked so the egg yolk would ooze all over the salad.  And it was good.  Really good.  I was even patting myself on the back as I was eating this one.

I served this one on top of this salad with Glory dressing, and it made my salad into a meal.

What you need:

1 large portobello mushroom

1 small egg

olive oil for the pan

salt and pepper

What you do:

1. Remove the stem from the mushroom.

2. Heat a frying pan to medium, then add a little olive oil. Put the mushroom into the pan, hollow side down.

3. Flip the mushroom over after a few minutes, then let the mushroom cook for a few more minutes.  If the pan is getting dry, just splash in a little water and put a lid on it.

4. When the mushroom seems done, crack the egg into the hollow of the mushroom.  Put a little water in the pan, then put a lid on it and let it sit for a minute. Check it to see if the egg looks cooked, making sure the egg yolk stays runny, but the white is cooked.

5. Serve it right away on top of a green salad and grate on a little fresh salt and pepper.

You could serve it with a piece of bread to soak up some of the yolk and dressing.

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